As a digital artist I use photography, video, and mixed media imagery to create a visual interpretation of my life experience and its ambiguity.
An important vision of my art is to convey a dynamic artistic aesthetic within the framework of a suffering, yet beautiful life:
Magic and Loss.
 When utilizing the technical and creative process of various digital
media the main focus is on the visual construct and the 
subjective composition of a piece.
This artistic pursuit can be found in various series and individual works, such as my 2017 series entitled "Linear Data".


Abstraction and Spirituality
Often in my designs there are elemental images of nature that are forged into abstraction, and created to solidify the background as a cohesive whole. Also there are secondary forms, and multi-layered constructs which help to form contrasting ambiguities. All coming together within various levels of geometric shapes and symbols. In the end producing a visually powerful and invigorating body of art.
In recent years my work has become more reflective with an introspective quality. And with meticulous effort, it has  evolved into a defining artistic vision. The work has also guided me toward a spiritual sensibility that reflects a desire for personal accountability, recollection, and self awareness.


With respect to innovation and contemporary design, I am
 always looking for influences that affect the way I approach my work. Electronic music has been one such influence, and remains an emotional inspiration to the visual work I produce:

Art and Music are Paintings of the Mind

In making the digital connection, the methodology is to remain true to
 the digital process i.e. recognizing and imploring the intricate 
micro tonal possibilities inherit to the computer and
 electronic media in general.
Some of the works are produced in series where underlying patterns, rhythms, color and tonal variations move from one work to the next.
 The image translation and transformation can either be revealed
as noise, a visual drone, disintegrating loops of color and form,
 visual calculation or a chance encounter. All of my work
 as an artist are works in progress. Some pieces are developed
 not to have an ending, but are infinitely changing and being remixed.

The digital awareness of creativity can be found in the conscious mindset and the emotional construct of the heart.

Fluid ambiguities and interwoven hints of nostalgia emerge digitally from vapor-waved memories and mall-soft moments.

Art is Beautiful in all its Digital Variations

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